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Infinite Lives and Cash on Score Hero

Hacks and Cheats for Score Hero


Have you ever played Score Hero for iOS or Android? It is available for your Smartphone and Tablet. On this game you are starting a new career as talent and you can become a superstar by solving many levels. There is only one problem. A lives count exists, which let’s you play only for a limited time. You only get a limited number of tries. If the number of lives is gone you have to wait until you can play again. There is a way out of this problem. You will be able to buy lives with real money and exactly this causes another problem. If you are willing to do this you have to spend money in order to continue playing. We found the perfect solution to play Score Hero with unlimited tries without spending a single buck.

Get ready to use the Score Hero Hack available in many languages


It doesn’t matter if you are from Germany, US, UK, France or Netherlands, because the website we are going to tell you is offering a full working Score Hero Hack Tool. The name of the website which offers the Score Hero Hack is Hyperblastgame.com. On Hyperblastgame you can find the online generator for iOS and Android devices. You can use it from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Simply visit the website and check out the generator on the top.

Here is how the Hack on Hyperblastgame.com is working


At first you have to enter your correct username. This is important, because if your username is not valid you won’t be able to get the items. Secondly you have to choose the right platform. Don’t choose iOS if you have a Samsung or HTC smartphone. Make sure you know what is your operating system and pick the correct one. If you are using the Score Hero hack for the first time: don’t worry! It is absolutely for free and there are no hidden costs. If you are doing it all correctly you can expect to get your items within the next 10 minutes. Depending on the time, the server and how many people are using this hack it can take a longer or shorter time. Also take a look on the new Brawl Stars hack.