How To Choose A PSP That’s Best For You

In a world where videogames are taking over, the SONY PSP was a revelation which was way ahead of its time, it still remains a control which is ahead of even the current times. PSP was the first videogame console that offered highly realistic gameplay while remaining wireless. It outsold its opponent, the Nintendo DS by a huge margin. Until the PSP was released, Nintendo owned the majority share in the console market. Nintendo only provided 2-D graphics and semi-realistic gameplay and had inbuilt games, while the PSP had highly immersive games like GTA, WRR and Counter strike. Sony has released four versions of the PSP, they are PSP 1000, PSP 2000, PSP 3000 and the PSP Go. Your choice of PSP should be purely based on what you want to do with it.


This edition of the PSP is solely made for people who want to use Homebrew programming on the PSP rather than playing games or for playing games and movies available in the retail store or from the play station network. Most people do not use Homebrew because it takes more work than other PSPs and also requires some level of knowledge in programming. But if you are an above average programmer then you should get the best model of the Homebrew console for the best possible console experience.

PSP 2000 for UMD Gaming and Movies

PSP 2000 for UMD Gaming and Movies

If you are looking for a console with best suited UMD gaming and for movies then look no further because the PSP 2000 provides best in class UMD gaming from the play station network. It has a brighter screen and provides a more immersive gameplay but some gamers complained of seeing scan lines on screen during the gameplay, lines most people won’t notice but if you are picky about your graphics then we would suggest getting the PSP 3000 which has the bug fixes all in place.

PSP 3000- All round performance

If you want your console to be al all round experience from playing highly immersive videogames to watching movies in high definition. It has an amazing value for money and does not disappoint users in any area. It is quite a big console and is not as portable as you would imagine, it also does not have an UMD slot hence UMD games and movies are not supported and requires memory stick for operation. It is also very flexible, allowing you to play both downloaded and CD rom games.



PSP Go is the newest and the sleekest console in the PSP series. It provides best in class graphics along with visionary performance all grouped with an ultra small design. It is the smallest console in the series and certainly the best one too.

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