Quest For Booty Goes PSN-Only In UK

Planning on getting Ratchet & Clank’s latest bite-sized adventure on disc, were you? Well, so were we. Sadly though, British gamers will be stuck with the downloadable version of R&C: Quest For Booty, as the disc-based edition isn’t coming to these shores. Citing Blighty’s heavy broadband penetration (AOL users, insert your download limit related “penetration” gag) […]

LittleBigPlanet – Tools & Materials

Hey look, it’s the LittleBigPlanet manual. Obviously most of you have never read a manual but I assume this game is different so you probably want a look. Most interesting (for me) is the breakdown of the materials and tools you’ll have at your fingertips. So here they are! Materials Materials can be found within Prize Bubbles, which are

Official Bluetooth Headset

Sony have published some more news on the forthcoming official Bluetooth headset for PlayStation 3. It’s out at the end of the year and will most likely cost £25/30 on release. It’s also going to be bundled in with SOCOM Confrontation so that and the headset will set you back around £40. Not bad, not bad. The […]

The importance of coming Home…

The announcement of PlayStation Home back in 2007 perhaps wasn’t greeted with the kind of response Sony had anticipated. Though the then Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison claimed that Home had been conceived in years previous, the fact that it wasn’t ready for the PS3’s retail debut made it feel like an afterthought

Life with PlayStation this week?

Back at the end of July Sony said that Life with PlayStation was delayed and would “make its way to PlayStation fans in August.” We’re now in the last week of August so if they’re true to their word, expect to see it coming this week. I think it’s safe to assume it’ll be appearing in

Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star

Dylan Jobe has made a detailed post over on the PlayStation Blog about the forthcoming 1.5 patch, due August 27, and Operation: Fallen Star which will be released on the 28th. There is an entirely new level – Tau Crater! It’s a smoky, forested island that features lots of vertical elements to give players tons of […]

Kratos To Bring Chaos To Everybody

I doubt anyone would want to be his caddy but the good news is he will soon be a playable character in Everybody’s Golf. He should be priced at 69p and due this Thursday although they’ve not been specific on whether this date is US only.

Operation: Fallen Star Dated

The Least Surprising Announcement Award from today’s Leipzig coverage goes to the latest Warhawk expansion, named Operation: Fallen Star. Due out a day after the long-awaited V1.5 patch, it adds ten maps based around the new Tau Crater zone. Rocket packs arrive as expected, making it easier than ever to get yourself shot in embarassing ways. […]

London Studio Announce EyePet

Digital pets were the bane of mankind for the solid three weeks in 1998 when it was impossible to go anywhere without your keyring-bound little digital runt dying in a pile of its own faeces every five minutes, or your idiot neighbour going on about hot amazingly realistic Catz 5 was. Thankfully Sony is giving […]

Keypad Coming Soon

Good news for everyone with a broken mouth box. A keypad attachment (not too different to the Xbox 360 one) is on the way before the end of the year. From the press release: Equipped with Bluetooth(R) functionality, the Wireless Keypad can be paired to PS3 by simply connecting the keypad to the USB cable that […]

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