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US PSN Store Update (11 Dec)

No exciting games or demos on the US store update I’m afraid. One game I’ve not heard of called PowerUp Forever but apart from that it’s essentially the same as the UK update. View the full update here. […more]


UK PSN Store Update (11 Dec)

It’s like Christmas come early for UK PlayStation 3 owners right now. Except we must have done something naughty because we’re still waiting for Street Fighter HD! We do at last get Puzzle Quest though. Today the public will also finally get in PlayStation Home with the launch of the open beta due any minute now. […] […more]

US PSN Store Update (4 Dec)

Those expecting a quiet week following the US Thanksgiving blow-out will be surprised at the SCEA Store update, those lovable Americans getting side-scrolling shoot-em-up Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer and a pixel-perfect PSP port of Jon Mak’s excellent PS3 blaster Everyday Shooter ahead of us. If you like themes and DLC for music games there’s plenty of those too, […] […more]

UK PSN Store Update (4 Dec)

GTI Club+ isn’t as fun as I remember in the arcade but, hey, what is?! Nothing! Except for Daytona I guess. Bring that to the PlayStation Store please! Games GTI Club+ (£9.99) Brain Challenge (£3.99) PSone Red Alert Retaliation (£3.99) Jet Rider (£3.99) Demos LEGO Batman DLC Race Driver GRID – 8-ball pack (£6.29) LittleBigPlanet – Kabuki Actor costume (free) SoulCalibur IV – Customization Equipment 4 pack […] […more]

UK PSN Store Update (27 Nov)

What’s going on? A demo of a PSN title before release? Something must have been put in the SCEE coffee in the last few weeks because they seem to be finally getting things together. I’m not going to mention the SOCOM delay, mind. See the rest of the update below. And sorry for the late update, […] […more]

US PSN Store Update (25 Nov)

US store update has come early this week thanks to all the turkey-eating the Americans have to get through on Thursday. Good news if you still haven’t picked up Dead Space yet as there’s now a demo on offer. There’s a bunch of other content, mainly videos, and also LittleBigPlanet DLC but it’s region locked so […] […more]


US PSN Store Update (20 Nov)

No need to be overly jealous of our American cousins this week, unless you’re a massive bike fan, in which case there’s a demo of MotoGP ‘08 for your downloading pleasure. Elsewhere it’s all Dead Space expansion packs that Europe got last week and the usual cavalcade of music game DLC. At this rate, we won’t […] […more]


UK PSN Store Update (20 Nov)

No big surprises on the store this week I’m afraid. Plenty of content though. And don’t worry, Home fans, it’s not that far off now. I promise! DLC BioShock – Challenge Rooms (£6.29) LittleBigPlanet – Sack In The Box costume (free) LittleBigPlanet – LocoRoco costume (£2.39) Need for Speed Undercover – Too many that I care to mention. At least […] […more]

US PSN Store Update (13 Nov)

Continuing the enjoyable theme of US Store updates that don’t leave Europeans fuming, the only major US-only release this week is Quest For Booty, Capcom’s pirate-themed RTS at a cheap $9.99, or about £4,000 the way the exhange rates are going. It’s a DLC overload for all your favourite music and sports games too, so if […] […more]


UK PSN Store Update (13 Nov)

No games or a single demo this week for the PS3 I’m afraid. But I’m sure you’re all too busy playing LittleBigPlanet still, right, RIGHT?! PSP owners get The Cube, and FIFA 09, which is possibly the most expensive thing on the PlayStation Store at the moment, costing £30. DLC PAIN – David Hasselhoff (£1.19) PAIN – Movie Studio […] […more]

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